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Bae: wanna get something to eat?

Me: I’m broke shawd

Bae: it’s okay I got you



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Today I decided to go out to the newly built elementary school down the street from my house. I get there and I see about 11 elementary school kids and 2 high schoolers playing ball. So I just moved over to the next court and started shooting around. Kids were getting subbed in and out but I see this one little asian boy just standing on the side. I walk up to him and ask him why he isn’t playing and he tells me, “I didn’t get picked to play”. I was shocked because usually when there are 1 or 2 people waiting, the losing team usually shoots for who gets to keep playing so if there were 2 kids sitting out, then 3 kids from the losing team could keep playing. However, what was happening was that the 2 high school kids were picking the younger kids between themselves so they were always picking the same kids over and over again. I could see that he was kind of upset (I mean of course he was, how would you feel if you saw all your friends playing and you were sitting out) so I told him to come over and shootaround with me. He was pretty hesitant at first and I could see that he just wanted to leave me and play with his friends. So I asked him if he wanted to run some drills with me and at first I could see that he did not want to. After encouraging him for a little, we started to run some shooting drills and footwork drills and he actually pretty good. A lot better than I was at his age actually. About 30 minutes later, the game was done and I asked if I could play as well (just to get a little exercise) and one of the high school kids seemed to recognize me. He asked if I played for Clarksburg and I replied that I did. He ended up picking me to play on his team but I had one condition. I only wanted to play if my friend that hasn’t played could play. I was surprised to see how quickly he agreed to let him play and I swear that Kenny’s mouth (Kenny’s the kid) formed the longest and widest smile. There was one other kid who had been sitting out so I just subbed out as the sixth man and honestly I didn’t even feel like playing anymore. I was praying that he would make a basket or do something positive but he was getting scored on left and right. But on the next drive, he had a nice steal and scored a basket. I swear I haven’t felt that happy in the past week when I saw all his friends give him fives and pat his back. All his friends started to pass him the ball and I could suddenly see his confidence leaking out. He said thank you at least 7 times and that just made me so happy. As I left I realized that this little favor could change his life as much as it did mine. He now has the confidence to play with his friends, and his friends now had confidence in him as well. I still wonder if I could have gotten him into that game if I never played basketball in High school and honestly probably not. I thank God for using me through something I love to do to make an impact in someone elses life. That kid made my day more than I made his. 

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when you leave your three year old brother in your room with your mac

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President Obama Demands Another Shrek Movie


I am so happy

"fappy the anti-masturbation dolphin"

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